RFID for Retail


No matter what you sell, or if you sell in-store, online or wholesale, our Loca.fi Retail solution helps you keep track of all your valuable inventory in real time.

Whether you sell apparel, eyewear, cosmetics, beauty products or anything else, Loca.fi Retail is the solution you need to keep your inventory, and business, moving. RAMP’s Loca.fi Retail solution is ideal for single and multi-store retailers, online retailers and wholesale distributors.

Forget shutting down for hours, or paying overtime for evening stocktakes, and diverting staff to the mundane task of physically counting stock. Not only is this a waste of time, it is inaccurate, and leaves you with an unclear picture of what stock you have, and where it is.

Loca.fi Retail works straight out-of-the-box, and comes complete with RFID tags, RFID readers and Loca.fi retail software. Now you can scan, count and track stock on racks, in boxes or in stock rooms with a wave of the hand.

Know what stock has been received, what stock has been moved to the sales floor, what has been sold and what needs to be replenished – you can even track items that have left the store without being paid for.

Is counting stock a painful process in your business?

When you know where your products are at any given time, you can make sure they are visible to customers in your stores, or online, and maximise your sales. Most retailers have the same challenges when it comes to inventory management. These challenges cost time and money, and have a real impact on the business bottom line.

If customers can’t find what they are looking for, then they can’t buy. Items are regularly misplaced, and along with out-of-stocks, this costs you sales. With Loca.fi Retail, you can avoid this problem altogether.

If you operate across multiple locations, such as stores and a warehouse, lack of visibility of where stock is at any moment can make it difficult to fulfil customer orders, including ‘click & collect’.

Loca.fi Retail is a game changer for retailers and their teams. Your staff will absolutely love this solution – they will have stock on hand to sell, they won’t need to go looking for stock, and they will be free of the mundane task of counting inventory. Best of all, they can focus on their main job – selling products to customers.

A complete RFID solution for retail

Australian retailers have been using Loca.fi Retail since 2018. Our experience means you have a partner who can provide a fast and simple implementation of your RFID solution, with low-impact change management, to take your inventory management to a new level and maximise your sales.

The RAMP Loca.fi Retail solution works straight out-of-the-box, with everything you need to be up and running fast – we’re talking weeks, not months.

RFID Labels

RFID Scanner

POS Reader

Order Station

EAS Reader


Each RFID label will appear identical to your current barcode labels with the addition of an RFID chip, which is encoded with a unique identifier. Using a specialised RFID printer, you are able to print your labels at your factory, warehouse or retail store. If you manufacture offshore, our label bureau can supply your manufacturer directly, anywhere in the world.

Handheld Scanner

A specialised RFID scanner is used, with the Loca.fi Retail app, to conduct stocktakes, receive items into stock, inter branch transfers, Geiger search for missing items and encode RFID labels instore.

Point of Sale Reader

The Loca.fi Retail POS reader replaces your barcode reader at the cash register and captures the unique identifier for each item sold, providing updates to stock levels in real time. The reader also provides additional fraud management capabilities, providing an alert when unsold items are attempted to be returned.

Order Station

The Loca.fi Retail order station provides 100% auditing of all inbound and outbound orders in the warehouse, without even opening the box. This delivers end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Overhead EAS Reader

The Loca.fi Retail EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) reader, installed above store exists, identifies any unsold items removed from the store using the RFID inventory label, alerting staff via an alarm.

Loca.fi Retail Software

At the heart of the Loca.fi Retail solution is Loca.fi software. This purpose-built cloud-based platform collects all the data from labels to show inventory location in real-time. Loca.fi provides retailers with accurate inventory data to help make more informed decisions.

POS integration

We’ve also worked with the leading POS system vendors to ensure the RAMP Loca.fi Retail solution integrates easily with your existing POS system. You can be up and running with a fully integrated retail RFID inventory tracking system in weeks, not months.

And if you use a POS system from another vendor, don’t worry, RAMP can work with you to customise our Loca.fi Retail solution to integrate with whatever POS system you use.

RAMP can also customise your Loca.fi Retail solution with a range of options and modules to suit your particular needs.

A retail solution built on a solid foundation

Loca.Fi is:

  • Quick and easy to implement as part of the Loca.fi Retail solution
  • Able to facilitate stocktakes in 30 minutes or less with 99% accuracy
  • Developed and built in Australia by RAMP’s local team
  • Used by more than 50 Australian private and public companies, and government organisations, for inventory and asset tracking

Dedicated RFID solution for retailers

Whether you are a traditional retailer with one or more stores, a ‘bricks and clicks’ retailer, an online-only retailer or a wholesale distributor, RAMP Loca.fi Retail will take your inventory management to a whole new level and help maximise your sales. Implement it straight out-of-the-box with your existing POS system, or have it customised for your needs by our expert, local team. No retailer is too big or too small for Loca.fi Retail

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