RFID solutions

RAMP has extensive experience gained over many years across a wide range of industries. This has allowed us to develop insights into the specific issues and needs of businesses operating in certain industries.

We address the requirements of each client on a case-by-case basis to create tailored RFID solutions, but our vast industry experience means we understand the issues faced and the best way to deal with them to deliver a significant increase in business performance.

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RFID for Retail Retail is a purpose-built, cloud-based RFID solution that has been developed by RAMP and implemented for Australian retailers since 2018. It is an out-of-the-box retail RFID solution that integrates with leading POS systems and can be up and running in weeks, not months.

Suitable for single or multi-store retailers, online retailers and wholesale distributors, Retail is a proven retail RFID solution for product categories including apparel, eyewear, cosmetics and beauty products.

Complete visibility of inventory from source to sale makes sure products efficiently get to customers when and where they want to buy.

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Applications of RFID technology

Fast Stocktakes

More stocktakes, more often, without shutting down for hours or wasting valuable staff time manually counting stock.

Accurate Stock Counts

99%+ stock count accuracy reduces out-of-stock situations and allows you to hold less safety stock (freeing up working capital).

Increase Sales

Place stock where it needs to be for customers to buy – whether that is on the shelves in-store or available for online sales and ‘click & collect’.

Integrates With POS System

Works with existing POS systems from leading vendors straight out-of-the-box for a fully integrated retail solution.

Security Solution

Includes EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) reader that identifies unsold stock leaving the store, and alerts staff.

Better Business Decisions

Accurate real-time inventory data is provided by software to make more informed business decisions.

Transport & Logistics

RAMP understands the rapidly changing requirements in transport and logistics, including just-in-time delivery pressures. Our solutions increase the visibility and control of all processes in the supply chain from source to distribution and finally to the end customer.

Our solutions encompass everything from gate automation to condition monitoring to security and safety to real-time locating systems. The benefits of RFID deployment are realised quickly and include improved operational efficiency, enhanced asset utilisation and significant ROI increases.

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Applications of RFID technology


Automatically identify trucks at weighbridge, tying their vehicle identification data and weight measurements to increase process efficiency and transactional accuracy.

Traffic and queue

Automatically control the flow of vehicles to maximise efficiency and prevent operational gridlock.


Link trucks to associated assets such as trailers, containers, returnable items and inventory to monitor movements of all items.

Vehicle ID

Gain visibility into who is driving which vehicle at what time.

Gate automation

Seamlessly manage gate operations without manual processing.

Mining & Construction

The mining and construction industries present unique challenges – harsh, risky environments and the movement of large and numerous vehicles, equipment and assets. The scale and complexity of operations demands complete visibility to ensure safety, operational efficiency and better use of capital equipment.

RAMP RFID solutions have been developed to withstand the harshest environments and provide businesses with the ability to track assets, equipment, vehicles and people for higher levels of safety and efficiency, as well as reduced losses of materials and theft.

Automated materials handling, vehicle tracking and monitoring the condition of equipment and personnel (even underground) ensures a safer working environment and maximum asset utilisation.

RFID Solutions for construction equipment hire

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Applications of RFID technology

Asset tracking and

Real-time materials receiving and issuing which increases productivity and reduces labour costs.

Pit to port product

Increased visibility with accurate, auditable data to identify, implement and measure process improvements.

Vehicle ID and management

Clearer visibility of who is driving what vehicles and when, automatic traffic control and collision avoidance systems.

Ore seeding

Ore sample identification and management with sample tagging.


Site access control and yard/stores management.

Tool tracking

Equipment and tool identification and tracking to improve asset utilisation and reduce theft.


RAMP has been providing innovative and effective RFID baggage management solutions to the aviation industry for over 10 years. Our solutions are fully compliant with IATA 753.

Our solution ensures that customer luggage arrives on time, exactly where it needs to be. We provide visibility for airline customers, meaning they know where their bags are, which increases confidence in the airline and overall customer experience.

The RAMP baggage solution was born out of a need identified by QANTAS to create permanent bag tags for their Frequent Flyer program and is now successfully deployed nationwide.

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Food & Beverage

RFID solutions can be implemented in food supply and agriculture to improve efficiency and increase visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

Retailers, hospitality service providers and consumers are demanding to understand provenance and proof of compliance in agriculture and food, to confirm ethical sourcing and sustainability.

There are many benefits to utilising an RFID solution in your food supply chain including confirmation of provenance, reduced wastage, simplified stock rotation, fast recall management and reduced labour costs.

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RAMP has developed a comprehensive RFID Vehicle Tracking solution to help car dealerships improve customer service while reducing costs. With multi-site networks or large single sites, car dealerships can struggle to effectively and efficiently track their vehicles.

Using RFID technology, RAMP has developed a tailored, cost-effective solution that can be implemented quickly with immediate return on investment.

Our automotive solution delivers many benefits including improved product availability, visibility and customer service, with decreased labour costs, manual tasks and inventory holdings.

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Goverment & Education

With a focus on reducing costs and streamlining operations, as well as a responsibility to be accountable for management of large numbers of items and equipment, RAMP can help government and education institutions increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

RFID technology can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively to increase visibility of many kinds of assets, large and small. This ensures more accuracy in audits and increased compliance. In addition, you will benefit from a significant reduction in costs with more automated operational processes and less labour-intensive activities.

Real-time access to accurate information about the status and whereabouts of institutional assets ensures better and faster decision-making, increased accountability, reduced costs and overall increases in operational efficiency..

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RAMP RFID solutions are used in museums, galleries and the performing arts to get complete visibility of valuable artefacts and items such as costumes and other equipment. Manual processes to track thousands of valuable items requires a significant investment of human resources and labour, and is often prone to error.

RFID tags and strategically placed static readers help track the movement of art, sculptures and other items throughout buildings.

The benefits of using RFID asset tracking include faster and more accurate audits, reduced risk of loss from movement, significant reduction in labour costs, greater visibility and easily accessible information.

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The management of medical equipment inventory is crucial for the efficient running of hospitals. RFID technology solutions can help track equipment and disposable materials from the warehouse to the operating theatre.

Items used in a procedure can be traced and charged directly to a patient. And patient safety is enhanced through total procedure tracking. Hospitals can carry less inventory, be more efficient and have less risk of products expiring.

Most importantly, less storage space is needed in hospitals so more space can be allocated to patient care. And nurses spend less time on administration and inventory management and more time on patient care.

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Commercial Laundries

Tracking large amounts of inventory and assets in a fast-moving commercial laundry environment can be extremely difficult. Without the ability to know what is on-hand and where it is, the risk of losses is increased.

RFID solutions can be used to great effect in large-scale commercial laundries. Consider linen management, with thousands of items such as bedsheets, towels, robes, blankets and staff uniforms.

Tracking the movement and status of these kinds of items is made easy with RFID. Complete visibility of where items are can be provided automatically, without the cost of labour-intensive asset management. The result is reduced losses, increased operational efficiency and the ability to deploy resources to where they can be used to greatest effect – in providing a great customer experience.

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The adoption of RAMP RFID solutions can help manufacturers reduce costs and optimise their operations. Further, when integrated across the entire supply chain, RFID ensures complete visibility of manufactured goods from the factory floor to the shop floor or end user.

RFID technology has improved remarkably to work more effectively in manufacturing environments. The ability to withstand extreme heat and cold, high pressures, hazardous locations and high moisture levels ensures a robust tracking solution no matter the environment.67

Manufacturers can use RFID to track inventory through the entire production process, track and monitor equipment, schedule production by identifying idle equipment, monitor waste and shrinkage and routing shipments.

With greater visibility of the entire production process and inputs, manufacturers can reduce costs and increase operational efficiency to improve the bottom line.

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