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RFID is a proven technology that provides visibility of your assets including inventory, equipment, vehicles and people, wherever they are, all the time. RAMP is Australia’s leading provider of RFID solutions, helping businesses increase efficiencies and reduce costs. We deliver off-the-shelf products that can be implemented quickly and easily with your current systems, or work with you to design a customised whole-of-business solution to meet your specific needs. If you need RFID, you need to talk to RAMP.

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How RFID technology improves your bottom line

RFID solutions provide real-time, accurate tracking of all kinds of assets. Using a combination of RFID tags, RFID readers, antennas and software, you can automate and streamline processes to improve efficiency, minimise losses and increase visibility.

Using our own developed Loca.Fi technology platform, you have an intimate view on your business assets in real time which converts into a much better use of capital and ROI.



Key RFID solutions

Asset tracking

The easy way to track your fixed and mobile assets in real-time. Count with greater accuracy, faster and generate more profit.

RFID for Retail

Increase your inventory accuracy, reduce stock take costs and deliver a true omni-channel marketing experience for your online customers.

Vehicle tracking

Monitor the movement of vehicles and containers in dealerships, through check points or on a work site. Also track the assets that may be in transit.

RAMP RFID in action

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Loca.fi Retail RFID solution helps leading high-end fashion brand increase customer satisfaction, minimise inventory shrinkage and reduce working capital tied up in stock.


Department of Finance

Protecting thousands of valuable technology assets with an integrated RFID solution that can audit an entire building in a day.


Rio Tinto Alcan

A customised RFID solution helps a laboratory improve sample testing workflows to deliver better and more reliable process outcomes.


Otago Museum

Smarttrack RFID tracks the real-time movement of around two million valuable artefacts with increased accuracy and reduced staff time.


Flinders Ports

Manual management of truck movements reduced from 100% to less than 1% with innovative RFID solution for container terminal.


BAKU Swimwear

RFID inventory management solution provides accurate stock counts, facilitating omni-channel strategy and increasing online sales.


Lion Nathan

Unique KEGFLOW solution keeps track of beer kegs from manufacture to customer, with reduced shrinkage and out-of-stock issues.



From pit to port, MMG is able to track containers of valuable lead and zinc concentrate across vast distances accurately and in real time.


Parliament House

Keeping track of over 6,500 valuable pieces of artwork as they move to various locations made easy and efficient.


Peter Warren

Real-time vehicle traceability across 15 franchises and up to 2,000 vehicles improved vehicle turnaround times and customer satisfaction.


Solutions for your industry

We understand that every industry and business has different needs. But common to all is the need to track a variety of valuable assets for complete visibility. RAMP combines over 15 years of experience across many industries with the ability to create a customised solution to suit your specific needs.

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Key industry solutions


Fast and frequent stocktakes are now possible for 99+% inventory accuracy enabling omnichannel and click and collect.

Transport & Logistics

Streamline operations with visibility of the entire supply chain from source to distribution to end customer.

Mining & Construction

Ensure safety, operational efficiency and better use of assets with RFID solutions built to withstand the harshest environments.


RFID baggage management solutions ensure that airline customer luggage arrives on time, exactly where it needs to be. Fully compliant with IATA 753.

Food & Beverage

Improve efficiency and increase visibility across the entire food supply chain with RFID solutions that confirm provenance and sustainability.


Vehicle Tracking solutions that help dealerships manage large fleets across multi-site networks or large single sites to improve speed of delivery.

Government & Education

Real-time access to accurate information about the status and location of institutional assets ensures better and faster decision-making.


Undertake faster and more accurate audits to ensure valuable artefacts are where they should be with massive reductions in labour costs.


Complete visibility of medical equipment from the warehouse to the operating theatre improves efficiency and allows staff to focus on patient care.

Commercial Laundries

Efficiently manage linen and other assets, both fixed and moving, to reduce losses and avoid wasteful replacement of stock.


Track inventory through the entire production process to monitor waste and shrinkage, rout shipments and increase efficiency.

Why RAMP is the best choice in RFID

If you are looking for better awareness of your assets then an RFID solution might be the best way for you. We would be delighted to help understand your environment and your requirements to assess if RFID is right for you. One of our expert consultants, engineers or software developers would lead a solution in your business that improves visibility right across your business.



TUCHUZY embraces RFID to boost customer satisfaction and in-store efficiency

Tuchuzy is another great example of how local fashion retails brands can truly benefit from an digital ID ecosystem without big investments but significant ROI. Did you know Sydney’s Bondi beach is the top shopping destination in the Australian metropolis? To be successful here, you have to be able to rely on your inventory.

“Having item-level visibility of all inventory creates huge value for our business in terms of improved omnichannel fulfillment and customer satisfaction, as it helps to reduce the potential for errors when fulfilling online orders and handling returns. And the ability to perform a full stocktake in just an hour means staff can also reap the benefits of RFID technology in store”, said Andrew Shub, Director at Tuchuzy.

TUCHUZY is another great example of how local fashion retails brands can truly benefit from an digital ID ecosystem without big investments but significant ROI.
The brand decided to implement an RFID system powered by Ramp RFID Solutions and Avery Dennison Smartrac to bring these issues under control. As a result, inventory accuracy and customer satisfaction increased to 99%, the working capital could be reduced by 20%, and full stocktakes can now be done in less than one hour.

Kilcoy Global Foods endorsed for RFID Tracking innovation in the beef industry

Kilcoy Global Foods (KGF) has been endorsed by Federal Agriculture minister David Littleproud on behalf of the Federal Government for an RFID Tracking system developed by RAMP RFID.

On Thursday, 22 April KGF hosted The Hon. David Littleproud MP, Federal Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management and Paul Scarr, Liberal National Senator for Queensland.

KGF were able to show them around their facilities and introduce them to their processes and innovation systems. This included the new state-of-the-art Radio Frequency Identification system (RFID), developed by RAMP RFID, which will allow them to track primal cuts in each carton to ensure packing has happened as planned.


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See video here: https://vimeo.com/542953487


Crane companies are using RAMP’s Loca.fi RFID asset tracking system to identify and track their valuable assets

When a crane is sent to a project site, crane companies may not even know what has left their yard or warehouse and once it leaves it’s effectively invisible with valuable components and equipment often lost forever.

Manual tracking of this type of equipment is time-consuming and, most importantly, inaccurate. And that means lost parts, expensive replacement of equipment and lost business opportunities.

How does RFID help? It provides our clients with the ability to easily track all parts and equipment from the moment it is built into a load to be sent to a client site. With accurate data and tracking of equipment, our clients know where everything is, all the time. This allows them to better understand inventory levels in real-time, know who has checked items in and out, track usage and stay across inspection and maintenance schedules. All with one integrated and easy-to-use solution.

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The business benefits of better equipment tracking:

  • BETTER VISIBILITY: Check assets in and out, keep on top of return due dates and pull reports for overdue assets.
  • UNDERSTAND UTILISATION: Get better insights into asset usage – when and how often – to assist with inventory and asset purchase.
  • IMPROVE ACCOUNTABILITY: Match asset check outs and check ins to individuals for accountability.
  • TRACK MOVEMENT: Keep track as assets move from one location to another.
  • FAST STOCKTAKES: Tags, readers and software work together for regular and fast inventory counts.
  • REDUCED COSTS: Technology increases accuracy with less human resources and time, which significantly reduces costs.

The RAMP RFID solution includes:

  • RFID TAGS: Passive RFID UHF technology (tags) affixed to steel components are cost-effective, have a long life and are proven to operate effectively in extreme conditions
  • HANDHELD READERS: Combined with easy-to-use handheld readers, your team can identify and record the movement of equipment in and out of your yard or warehouse, and allocate equipment to jobs.
  • ASSET TRACKING SOFTWARE: The last piece of the puzzle is RAMP’s Loca.Fi software, a purpose-built asset-tracking system that collects data from RFID hardware for complete reporting and analysis. Easily viewed via web browser, Loca.Fi is your asset management dashboard providing complete visibility to you and your team.

Hands-free Opal bag tags trialled on public transport

As reported in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph yesterday, UHF RFID technology is being trialled on Sydney’s public transport network with the aim to improve travel times and put an end to rummaging through bags for Opal cards.

The technology takes away the need to tap on and off – it’s an automatic process as RFID readers installed on the busses pick up the RFID tags – like a e-tag for commuters. More than 800 high school students from Magdalene Catholic College in Sydney’s south west are the first kids in the city to trial the new frictionless ticketing system.

Another great example of RFID technology providing time saving and efficiency.

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Air France to introduce RFID bag tracking in Paris

Air France will introduce RFID bag tracking technology at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport from 2020 in a move aimed at improving efficiency and giving passengers more information about their luggage.

The French carrier has struck a deal with Paris Aeroport to introduce tags equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID) chips to about 8 million pieces of baggage a year. The airline says the technology will gradually be deployed to its other airports.

In addition to responding to the growing desire by passengers to know where their bags are, the companies say the tags will improve baggage identification and tracking, giving gains in operational performance and reducing associated operating costs. It will also help them comply with the International Air Transport Association’s Resolution 753. This requires bags to be tracked throughout their journey from check-in through to boarding, transfer and arrival. It also recommends the global deployment of RFID chips.

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