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Boost Efficiency and Accuracy with Inventory Tracking

Using RFID you’ll gain visibility and be able to make data-driven decisions, reducing stock discrepancies, and improving customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits to Inventory Tracking


Streamline manual task, make stocktakes 25X faster.

With RFID-enabled inventory tracking, time-consuming manual tasks like traditional stocktakes can be performed 25X faster than with barcodes alone. RFID also reduces the potential for human error and leads to more accurate and reliable inventory data. Not only that, but staff are freed up to focus on other essential duties, like customer service and merchandising. 

Improved Inventory Accuracy 

Reduce shrinkage and loss by more than 50%

By implementing an RFID solution for inventory tracking, you can enjoy accurate inventory counts across all store location. This helps prevent out-of-stock situations, maximises sales opportunities, and minimises stock discrepancies that lead to lost revenue. Accurate inventory data is crucial for managing the modern omnichannel experience.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Make informed decisions about stock replenishment and more

Unlock the power of accurate inventory data to make informed decisions on stock replenishment, demand forecasting, and strategic planning. With better visibility into stock levels and trends, inventory turnover can be optimised, working capital reduced, and more strategic decisions made that drive long-term growth and profitability. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

Never let your customers down with surprise out of stocks again

Maintaining consistent product availability and fast order fulfilment, the shopping experience for customers can be significantly improved. RFID-enabled inventory tracking helps ensure popular items are always in stock and ready for purchase, leading to higher customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, and repeat business. This competitive advantage sets your retail business apart from others in the market. 

Retail Solutions

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