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RAMP is Australia’s leader and expert in delivering RFID technology. RAMP develops and implements various solutions to help you improve business performance. All solutions use a tailored combination of RFID technology and our expertise to increase the visibility of the valuable assets in your business.

Our robust RFID solutions provide real-time awareness for the location and management of assets, inventory, equipment, vehicles and mobile objects.

We work closely with clients to understand their specific needs, then implement an RFID solution to help automate business processes, increase efficiency and deliver a solid ROI.

Key benefits of RFID

Accurate real-time data

Accurate counting of assets by eliminating human error

Reduce operating costs

Asset visibility removes the need to replace perceived missing assets

Improve operational efficiency

Streamline current processes

Increase productivity

Employees spend less time looking for missing or misplaced assets and equipment

Reduce labour costs

Less resources spent managing and finding lost assets

Better asset utilisation

Better visibility reduces the need to purchase spare equipment

Improve inventory availability

Ensure stock gets into stores and avoid out-of-stock situations

Improved compliance

Better and more accurate reporting and accountability

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Asset Tracking

There is a large opportunity for most businesses to increase profitability by taking the simple step of improving the management and control of fixed and mobile assets. Tracking and monitoring assets in the traditional way has been a labour-intensive and error-prone process. But not any more. RFID technology takes the hard work out of tracking your business assets. Using a combination of RFID tags, fixed and mobile devices and our unique software, you get increased visibility across your business assets and improved operational efficiency.

Applications of RFID technology


Know the exact location of all your assets, all the time.

Process automation

With data on location and status, workflows can be automated.

Stock levels

Fast and easy stocktaking of all assets.

Dispatch and receiving

Automate the process of dispatching and receiving of assets.


People and assets can both be tagged to record the identity of the people performing tasks.

Asset security

Alerts (in the form of an alarm, flash light or email notification) flag unauthorised activity.

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Supply Chain Management, Cycle Counting, Stock and Inventory Tracking

Businesses today need faster and leaner supply chains, but conventional manual systems are labour-intensive, time-consuming and error-prone.

There is a better way for cycle counting, stock and inventory management for increased visibility.

RFID technology solutions from RAMP provide businesses with the ability to track inventory at an item, crate, pallet or conveyor level to maintain an accurate inventory count at all stages of the supply chain.

With more accurate and real-time data you can quickly perform tasks that were previously too complex, allowing you to make better and faster decisions.

Applications of RFID technology

Item level tracking

Automate receiving, picking and ordering while controlling shrinkage and loss..

Data collection

Automated data collection increases reporting accuracy, improving stock management, sales floor replenishment for prompt stock turnover and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction..

Streamline warehouse processes

Accurate real-time data increases efficiency and reduces labour costs, as well as enabling an omni-channel approach to streamline the ship from store process..

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking and management can be enhanced with a RAMP RFID solution. Get accurate, scalable and extremely reliable identification to manage and control the movement of vehicles. RAMP vehicle tracking solutions utilise RFID tags mounted on vehicles and fixed RFID infrastructure placed at key locations such as entry/exit gates, weigh-bridges and parking lots. This delivers completely automated wireless identification of vehicles and works seamlessly with existing vehicle management processes. Our vehicle tracking systems and solutions are robust, flexible and scalable for any business size or specific requirement.

Applications of RFID technology

Traffic and queue management

Automatically control the flow of vehicles to maximise efficiency and prevent operational gridlock.

Weigh-bridge automation

Identify trucks at weigh-bridges and match them with their weight measurements to increase process efficiency and accuracy.

Gate automation

Easily manage gate operations without manual input.

Dealership vehicle management

Automatically track the movement of vehicles throughout dealerships from pre-sale right through to post-sale return visits.

Associated assets

Link trucks to associated assets such as trailers, containers, returnable items and inventory to monitor movements of all items.

Driver identification

Visibility of who is driving which vehicles at what time.

RAMP RFID in action

See what RAMP has done for some of our valued clients.
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Department of Finance

Protecting thousands of valuable technology assets with an integrated RFID solution that can audit an entire building in a day.


Rio Tinto Alcan

A customised RFID solution helps a laboratory improve sample testing workflows to deliver better and more reliable process outcomes.


Otago Museum

Smarttrack RFID tracks the real-time movement of around two million valuable artefacts with increased accuracy and reduced staff time.


Flinders Ports

Manual management of truck movements reduced from 100% to less than 1% with innovative RFID solution for container terminal.


BAKU Swimwear

RFID inventory management solution provides accurate stock counts, facilitating omni-channel strategy and increasing online sales.


Lion Nathan

Unique KEGFLOW solution keeps track of beer kegs from manufacture to customer, with reduced shrinkage and out-of-stock issues.



From pit to port, MMG is able to track containers of valuable lead and zinc concentrate across vast distances accurately and in real time.


Parliament House

Keeping track of over 6,500 valuable pieces of artwork as they move to various locations made easy and efficient.


Peter Warren

Real-time vehicle traceability across 15 franchises and up to 2,000 vehicles improved vehicle turnaround times and customer satisfaction.


City Chic

Complying with the demands of a big customer to use RFID technology leads to a business-wide solution for inventory management.