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Leadership team

Innovative minds, innovative company
at Ramp RFID

Meet the visionary individuals behind Ramp’s success. Their expertise and passion for innovation fuel our mission to transform asset
and inventory management with cutting-edge solutions.

Peter Reinke

Chief Executive Officer


Bachelor of Commerce – University of NSW, Australia

As CEO of Ramp, Peter Reinke brings over 25 years of international technology leadership to our vibrant team. With a Bachelor of Commerce and a rich background in sales and marketing, Peter’s focus lies not merely on the commercial aspects but extends to ensuring that our solutions bring tangible value to our clients. Peter’s experience in change management and operations oversight enables him to guide our clients through successful implementation of our solutions, ensuring that every engagement with Ramp is effective and transformational. His acumen, vision, and unwavering commitment to client success makes him an invaluable asset to both Ramp and our customers. With Peter at the helm, our clients can confidently navigate the digital landscape, transforming their operations through efficient and accurate RFID solutions.

Kevin Cohen

Director of Market Development


Bachelor of Commerce – University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

As the founder of Ramp, Kevin Cohen channels his extensive experience and visionary acumen into cultivating groundbreaking RFID solutions and fostering strategic partnerships. With a Bachelor of Commerce and over 15 years of experience in technology solutions business development, Kevin has been at the helm of transformative projects for esteemed companies like Qantas, Lion Nathan, BHP, and more. He has a profound understanding of the unique needs and challenges within the Australian and Asian markets and uses this knowledge to craft solutions that genuinely add value to our customers’ operations. Kevin’s leadership goes beyond driving growth; he creates relationships rooted in trust and mutual benefit, fostering long-term partnerships that fuel both our customers’ success and Ramp’s continuous innovation.

Alastair McArthur

Engineering Director


Bachelor of Engineering – University of Adelaide Australia

With a keen eye for innovation and a rich history of over 18 years in RFID technology, Alastair McArthur is an indispensable asset to our team as the Engineering Director. Globally recognised as an authority in RFID technology, Alastair has not only built RFID businesses but has also significantly contributed to shaping the industry. Alastair has a clear and focused approach, he understands the essence of customer-centric solutions and is devoted to creating RFID solutions that effortlessly synchronise with the needs of Australian businesses. As a former Working Group Chairman at EPC Global, he played a pivotal role in contributing to RFID standardisation. His support for the GS1 organisation stands testament to his commitment to community and industry development. Alastair’s expertise ensures that Ramp continues to provide innovative and effective RFID solutions that streamline processes, enable informed decisions, and enrich customer experiences.  

Mark Beacroft

Chief Technical Officer


Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical and Mechatronics) – University of Technology Sydney, Australia

As the CTO of Ramp, Mark Beacroft personifies the technical and visionary leadership that drives our RFID solutions. With a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering and over two decades of experience in the field, including an impressive tenure at Ramp, Mark has been instrumental in pioneering our technological trajectory. His prior experience as a Mechatronics Engineer specialising in Automation underpins his profound understanding of efficiency and accuracy – two critical elements of our customer value proposition. His decade-long journey at Ramp, initially as Engineering Manager before becoming CTO, showcases his commitment to continuous innovation and customer-focused solution design. Mark doesn’t just oversee the development of our RFID solutions; he embeds into them his deep understanding of our customers’ needs, making every innovation a stride towards better efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. 

Bien Truong

Customer Success Manager


Bachelor of Engineering, Mechatronic – University of New South Wales

As Ramp’s Customer Success Manager, Bien personifies our commitment to customer satisfaction and technological innovation. He tirelessly bridges the gap between our RFID solutions and clients’ unique needs, streamlining their processes and enhancing efficiency. His knowledge of RFID and engineering combined with his dedication ensures the optimal utilization of Ramp’s tools, leading to significant improvements in sales and customer experiences. With Bien, customers aren’t just gaining an RFID solution; they’re partnering with a dedicated advocate wholly invested in their success.

Felicity Sweeney

Chief Marketing Officer


Bachelor of Arts – Massey University | Post Graduate Diploma Business Administration – Massey University | Master of Management – Massey University.

As Ramp’s Relationship and Marketing Manager, Felicity leverages her extensive experience and deep-rooted passion for customer engagement to transform the way we communicate with our clients. She embodies the ethos of ‘customer-first’ in all her initiatives, persistently striving to perceive each situation from the customer’s vantage point. Felicity nurtures meaningful relationships and builds trust through transparent and inspiring communication. Her commitment to viewing the world through the eyes of our clients ensures that every marketing initiative is not just impactful, but also strives to genuinely connects with our customers.

Joe Ryan

Installation Manager


Certificate 4 Project Management | Certificate 4 OHS

As Ramp’s Installation Manager, Joe combines his expertise in Project Management and OHS, and years of trade experience, with his dedication to client success. With an unwavering commitment to efficiency and accuracy, Joe insures the installation process is seamless. With a wealth of experience in RFID implementation, Joe’s meticulous attention to detail translates into installations that are tailor-made to sync with your business’s unique needs. Joe’s ability to simplify complex installations ensures that our clients are not only participants but informed partners in the installation process. With Joe at the helm of your installation, you can be assured of a process that is streamlined, transparent, and perfectly aligned with the project objectives. 

Simon Wile

Director of Business Development


As Ramp’s Director of Business Development, Simon brings nearly two decades of technology experience to the forefront. A lifelong technology enthusiast, Simon leverages his extensive experience gained from various IT roles in both public and private sectors. His focus is on delivering results, and he has a proven track record of successful multi-scaled implementations. With Simon driving business development, Ramp continues to forge ahead in delivering cutting-edge RFID solutions that align with our core mission to optimise business processes, exceed customer expectations, and create a future with less waste. 

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