RAMP RFID helps BAKU Swimwear enjoy an endless summer

Leading Australian swimwear retailer BAKU relied on RAMP to deliver an RFID solution with complete, real-time visibility of stock throughout their entire supply chain and support their omni-channel strategy.


BAKU needed to prepare for an omni-channel future, including increasing online sales. At the same time, they wanted a system to help manage and count inventory more effectively and efficiently. RAMP implemented an integrated RFID solution to provide complete inventory visibility from manufacturing to warehouse to retail stores.


BAKU designs and manufactures three seasons a year. Variations include plains, prints, up to 20 styles as well as different colourways and sizes. This adds up to around 5,000 SKUs per year, and 20,000 SKUs are in the system at any one time.

The company needed more accurate inventory and stock counts through the entire supply chain to minimise out-of-stocks and maximise sales. BAKU also wanted the ability to increase online sales as part of their omni-channel strategy.

Stock and inventory management was a massive problem in the business. We needed to get a clearer, more accurate view of the stock we had on hand and where it was located.

Dax Bykerk Director, BAKU Australia


The RAMP RFID solution for BAKU includes a combination of hardware and software to create an integrated and seamless inventory tracking system from manufacture to POS.


tags RFID tags – Gen 2 UHF EPC tags affixed to products during manufacturing (part of swing tag). Totally GS1 standards compliant
reader Handheld RFID readers – can read entire racks of products with a simple wave
printer RFID Printers – new generation thermal printer with advanced support for barcodes and RFID encoding
tracking Fixed reader – large station in warehouse for reading incoming and outgoing boxed products, no unpacking needed


software Loca.fi software developed by RAMP.
Easy to deploy and the foundation of an end-to-end RFID solution.

About Baku

Founded on the beaches of Sydney, BAKU is an iconic Australian swimwear brand with 50 years heritage. BAKU has 19 company-owned stores around Australia, and is stocked in over 450 stores worldwide.


With the implementation of the RAMP RFID solution, BAKU saw immediate benefits including:

  • Real-time, accurate knowledge of all products across the entire supply chain
  • Ready for omni-channel retail, with an expectation to double online sales within 18 months
  • Faster replenishment of high-selling products utilising local manufacturing capability
  • Easy customisation and deployment with local RAMP RFID specialists team
  • Fully integrated with new POS system from Retail Express
  • Increased stocktakes from warehouse to retail
  • Retail staff can easily find stock across the entire store network, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction
  • Increased accuracy in stock counts, less
    human errors
  • Potential to reduce retail floor space with optimised stock levels

RAMP RFID provides retailers with complete visibility of their valuable stock. It makes omni-channel a reality by getting the right product to the right place at the right time.

Kevin Cohen, Director, RAMP

Integrating RFID with a POS system

BAKU decided to implement RFID at the same time as they moved to a new POS system by Retail Express. RAMP integrates with a range of leading POS systems to provide a powerful and easy-to-use RFID inventory management system. Working closely together, RAMP and Retail Express have helped BAKU optimise inventory and purchase replenishment to maximise sales.

The RAMP RFID system makes inventory tracking infinitely better than before. Product moves rapidly through the supply chain and with our local manufacturing we can restock fast moving lines more quickly to maximise sales.

Dax BykerkDirector, BAKU Australia