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RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID is a form of wireless communication that uses radio waves to identify objects, places or people from a distance, without a direct line of sight.

The technology has been developed over many years, and has been implemented with great success by many businesses as a cost-effective way to keep track of their valuable assets.

Like any technology, it pays to use an expert solution provider such as RAMP to help you implement the best solution for your business.

RAMP uses a combination of tags, hardware, software and networks to create customised solutions that improve your business performance. Our team of RFID experts works to understand your specific needs, then implement the most effective solution for your business.


RFID tags are placed on objects you need to track. This can include assets, inventory, vehicles or people. There are essentially two types of RFID tags – passive and active. They both use radio frequency to communicate between a tag and a reader, but they are powered quite differently. Passive tags have no battery and draw power from an external RFID reader, while active tags contain a battery to transmit signals and respond to messages.

UHF Gen 2 Passive

RAMP RFID solutions primarily include UHF Gen 2 passive RFID labels and tags. These tags comply with the global UHF Gen 2 standard. They come in a range of form factors including adhesive labels, hang tags and hard tags to suit any environment. They typically have a range between 0.5m and 15m.

Long Range Active RFID

Solutions incorporating Active RFID use a battery powered active tag. These use proprietary technology and usually have a battery life of 3 to 5 years and a read range between 50m and 300m.

2D (QR) barcodes

These types of barcode can be printed on labels and are also often used on RFID tags or labels for redundancy or use with a Smartphone app when no RFID reader is at hand.

GPS tags

These tags collect GPS location as programmed and transmit location data to the Cloud.

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UHF Gen 2 Passive

RAMP solutions include handheld RFID readers, smartphones, RFID portals on doorways, dock doors and conveyors, smart cabinet readers, vehicle mounted readers (forklift, reach stacker) and roadside readers. These reader stations often incorporate embedded PC's, Wi-Fi or cellular modems, i/O devices, UPS and Solar Power options.

Long Range Active RFID

RAMP solutions include handheld RFID readers, vehicle mounted readers (forklift, reach stacker) and roadside readers. These reader stations often incorporate embedded PC's, Wi-Fi or cellular modems, i/O devices, UPS and Solar Power options.

2D (QR) barcodes

These are read by handheld readers where RFID tags are read at close range or by smartphone apps when the user does not have an RFID reader handy.

GPS tags

GPS tags do not require local reader infrastructure, they rely on cellular or other long range networks to send data to the software.


RFID printers are used to print and encode RFID labels for use both on and off metal. Our range of high-performance RFID printers deliver superior flexibility, high print speeds and high media roll capacity.

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I want an RFID solution for my business


RAMP has a range of powerful software solutions that ensure your RFID technology provides the information you need, when you need it. From our locally-developed, proprietary Loca.Fi tracking platform, to third party solutions delivered with our knowledge and expertise, you can be certain that RAMP has the right solution for your business.

Loca.Fi  - powerful asset and inventory tracking software

Loca.Fi is RAMP’s own powerful RFID asset tracking platform, versatile enough to manage your inventory and assets. Loca.Fi uses RFID data captured by fixed and mobile readers to provide real time asset and inventory visibility throughout your supply chain.

Designed to suit the requirements of a wide range of industries including manufacturers, transport and logistics providers and retailers, Loca.Fi provides clients with the insight and data to drive smarter, leaner processes and informed decision making.

is built on Microsoft technologies, with all data being securely stored in a Microsoft SQL Server Database. The web front end is accessible from desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

KegFlow – keg tracking software

KegFlow is a proven product that has been specifically developed by our partner Alizent for keg tracking within the Brewing Industry and has been adopted by some of the world’s leading Brewers such as Carlsberg and AB InBev. Based upon deep domain knowledge and experience, the solution combines tracking technology, software and algorithms built specifically for the supply chain and environments unique to beer kegs.

The solution is a combination of the following technical elements:

  • RFID tags that uniquely identify the assets (kegs and casks). These tags have been specifically designed for withstanding the special conditions of the washing and sterilization processes of the Brewing Industry.
  • RFID reading stations (for filling lines) and portals (for entry and exit gates at warehouses and plants).
  • A software solution that receives, stores and analyses RFID scans data, which is then presented in the form of analytical reports and graphics to be used by the business.

Acuity – fully integrated and highly scalable line inventory visibility system

ACUITY is a complete IoT, RFID-based platform enabling real-time inventory availability and visibility over textile assets, from linen manufacturers to laundry groups and their customers in the Hospitality and Healthcare industry.

Developed by our partners Invengo, ACUITY is an innovative and proven technology platform combining RFID tags, equipment, software suites and services to efficiently identify, track and monitor linen, increase financial gains through reduced operational costs, optimize stock movements and purchases, and improve customer satisfaction.

Linen data is collected, stored, analysed and acted on, in real-time, from the RFID-enabled equipment. ACUITY transforms the RFID data into rich, interactive dashboards and reports, providing a comprehensive and real-time overview of your linen stocks by article reference or individual items, per zones in your facility and at customer sites. ACUITY allows you to significantly improve linen life-cycle management, optimize washing schedules, anticipate deliveries, identify lost or misplaced items and manage cage assets as well.

IQ Beacon – active RFID vehicle tracking software

iQ Beacon is RAMP’s vehicle tracking middleware designed to work with Active RFID tags. The Active tags are set to transmit or “beacon” at a set rate with its unique ID, location and battery health among other things. When a tag passes over/under a position marker’s induction loop field two events occur:

  1. A configured location ID is written to the tag issuing 125 kHz.
  2. The tag enters a “burst” transmission mode, transmitting 1 or more times within 1 second.

These “beacon” and “burst” 915MHz transmissions are received by an RFID Reader. IQ Beacon polls these readers (via LAN, WAN or Internet) or at a pre-configured frequency or time, to filter out certain reads based on pre-set parameters and to output a file for integration into a 3rd party system.

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RAMP asset, inventory and vehicle tracking solutions use a range of network options to communicate data captured by readers to the software. Options include:

  • Fixed Ethernet or fibre to local network for locally hosted or Cloud solutions
  • WiFi to WAN to local network for locally hosted or Cloud solutions
  • Cellular communication direct to Cloud via 3G or 4G networks

I want an RFID solution for my business

Installation and Support

RAMP provides a complete solution, including assisting with set-up and installation of your customised RFID solution, right through to product and technical support. Our local team of RFID specialists is focused on providing total customer satisfaction, and to ensure that your investment in RFID technology delivers maximum ROI.

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