RFID Vehicle Tracking


Keeping track of your fleet and vehicles when they are constantly on the move is made much easier, and is far more accurate, with the use of RFID vehicle tracking technology solutions.

Businesses rely on vehicles including cars, trucks and associated assets to keep business moving at a rapid pace. Knowing where vehicles are at any point in time, how they are being driven and what they are doing is business-critical information.

For many businesses, keeping track of their vehicles is cumbersome and time-consuming. On top of that, manual collection and storage of information is unreliable and by the time it is recorded it is already redundant.

RFID vehicle tracking solutions are the answer to this problem. Using a combination of RFID tags, readers and software, businesses can accurately track their fleet and vehicles in real-time to increase control, efficiency, safety and compliance.

RFID vehicle tracking solutions are robust, flexible and scalable for any business size and can be customised for specific requirements. The benefits of RFID deployment can be realised very quickly and include increased operational efficiency, enhanced asset utilisation and significant increases in ROI.

Manual processes slow down vehicles and business

Transport and logistics are a critical part of modern business and ensure the rapid flow of goods all over the world. Just-in-time delivery pressures and increasing customer demands means there is little room for error and no time to waste when it comes to shipping and deliveries.

At the same time, regulatory bodies have tightened laws around the safe movement of vehicles and trucks, and the penalties for non-compliance are high. Businesses also have responsibility for the health and safety of drivers and other staff, as well as the general public.

Knowing where vehicles are (and the goods they are carrying), and knowing who is driving them, needs to be done in real-time. Manual tracking of fleets and vehicles is time-consuming, inefficient and inaccurate.

Further, chokepoints in supply chains such as weigh-bridges and gates at distribution centres, depots and ports, can slow trucks down and cause delays that have major impacts in on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Automation is the key to improving efficiency right along the supply chain, reducing costs , improving customer satisfaction, and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.

How RFID technology keeps fleets and vehicles moving

RFID fleet management solutions help to increase the visibility and control of all processes in the supply chain from source to distribution to end customer. Technology solutions encompass everything from gate automation to condition monitoring to security to safety to real-time location.

RFID tags are mounted on vehicles and associated assets such as trailers, containers, returnable items and valuable inventory. Strategically-placed fixed RFID readers are used throughout the entire supply chain at key locations such as entry/exit gates, weigh-bridges and parking lots to provide completely automated wireless identification of vehicles.

Tying it altogether is RFID software that provides a simple dashboard view of where all vehicles are located at any given time, as well as who is driving them. RFID vehicle tracking solutions are proven to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety and compliance.

RFID vehicle tracking solutions can be seamlessly integrated with existing vehicle management systems to provide a complete vehicle management solution that provides real-time, accurate information.

Keeping car dealerships on track for healthy profits

When it comes to managing a large number of vehicles, car dealers have a lot on their hands. With hundreds or thousands of cars and trucks spread across acres of land, on single or multiple sites, dealers and their staff can struggle to effectively and efficiently track their vehicles.

Using RFID technology solutions, dealers can implement a tailored and cost-effective vehicle tracking system that can improve customer service and reduce overall costs. These solutions are tested and proven, and can be implemented quickly with immediate return on investment.

By knowing where every single vehicle is in real-time, car dealerships can improve product visibility and availability, which leads to better and faster customer service. At the same time, this helps reduce labour costs and manual tasks, as well as inventory holdings.

Improved traffic and queue management

When vehicle movement in and out of depots, distribution centres and ports is slow, it costs businesses time and money. Manually checking trucks in and out at a traditional gatehouse is extremely inefficient and leads to costly delays in moving goods. Using RFID technology to automate traffic and queue management helps maximise efficiency and prevent operational gridlock

Automate weigh-bridges and checkpoints

Automating weigh-bridges helps identify trucks and match them with their measurements and weight to increase accuracy and process efficiency, allowing them to be verified and move on without delay, while ensuring compliance.

Automate gates for faster vehicle flow

Manual management of gates leads to long queues and wasted time, with every vehicle needing to stop and be verified by a person before they can proceed in or out. Gate operations can be made infinitely more efficient when automated, without manual input or interaction required to keep traffic moving in and out efficiently.

Efficient dealership vehicle management

Managing thousands of vehicles on one or more dealership sites is time-consuming and can lead to delays in delivery, and poor customer service. With RFID vehicle tracking solutions, cars can be tracked automatically from pre-sale right through to post-sale return visits, helping to reduce labour costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Management of associated assets

Trucks come with a variety of associated assets such as trailers, containers, returnable items (such as pallets) as well as valuable inventory. RFID technology solutions allow trucks to be linked to all associated assets to provide complete visibility on the movement of all items linked to a particular truck.

Accurate driver identification

RFID vehicle tracking technology can add an additional layer of visibility by tracking who is driving a particular vehicle at a given time. This helps to increase security, and assists in ensuring safety and compliance, for example, where driving hours need to be capped to meet legal requirements.

Customised RFID vehicle tracking solutions to keep business moving

Fleets and vehicles can be accurately tracked using RFID tags and technology solutions that are customised for different businesses depending on their specific needs and their particular circumstances. Using proven RFID technology and a combination of tags, readers and software, RFID solutions can be customised to suit the particular needs of every business that has a fleet of vehicles constantly on the move.