Crane companies are using RAMP’s RFID asset tracking system to identify and track their valuable assets

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The business benefits of better equipment tracking:

  • BETTER VISIBILITY: Check assets in and out, keep on top of return due dates and pull reports for overdue assets.
  • UNDERSTAND UTILISATION: Get better insights into asset usage – when and how often – to assist with inventory and asset purchase.
  • IMPROVE ACCOUNTABILITY: Match asset check outs and check ins to individuals for accountability.
  • TRACK MOVEMENT: Keep track as assets move from one location to another.
  • FAST STOCKTAKES: Tags, readers and software work together for regular and fast inventory counts.
  • REDUCED COSTS: Technology increases accuracy with less human resources and time, which significantly reduces costs.

The RAMP RFID solution includes:

  • RFID TAGS: Passive RFID UHF technology (tags) affixed to steel components are cost-effective, have a long life and are proven to operate effectively in extreme conditions
  • HANDHELD READERS: Combined with easy-to-use handheld readers, your team can identify and record the movement of equipment in and out of your yard or warehouse, and allocate equipment to jobs.
  • ASSET TRACKING SOFTWARE: The last piece of the puzzle is RAMP’s Loca.Fi software, a purpose-built asset-tracking system that collects data from RFID hardware for complete reporting and analysis. Easily viewed via web browser, Loca.Fi is your asset management dashboard providing complete visibility to you and your team.