RAMP RFID delivers a stylish and effective solution for leading fashion retailer

Leading Australian high-end fashion retailer Tuchuzy chose RAMP to deliver the Loca.fi Retail RFID solution to provide real-time visibility of stock across retail and online stores, reduce reliance on manual stock takes and reduce shrinkage for their premium products.


Facing increasing online demand, stock shrinkage and regular business shut-downs to conduct time-consuming manual stock takes across a range of designer fashion brands, Tuchuzy implemented the RAMP Loca.fi Retail RFID solution to improve efficiencies across the retail and online stores, reduce stock losses and increase product availability for customers.


Tuchuzy has an established retail store in Sydney’s Bondi Beach as well as rapidly growing online sales of a range of high-end fashion brands, all run out of the same location.

The business needed to improve accuracy and visibility of stock availability in-store and online, reduce the down time required for manual stock takes, reduce shrinkage of their high-value products and improve customer satisfaction.

About Tuchuzy

“Having item level visibility of all inventory creates huge value for our business in terms of improved omnichannel fulfilment and customer satisfaction, helping reduce the potential for errors when fulfilling online orders and handling returns.”

Andrew Shub Director, Tuchuzy


The RAMP Loca.fi Retail RFID solution for Tuchuzy includes a combination of hardware and software to create an integrated and seamless retail inventory management system, fully integrated with the legacy Cin7 POS system.


tags RFID tags – Gen 2 UHF EPC tags affixed to products during manufacturing (part of swing tag). Totally GS1 standards compliant
reader Handheld RFID readers – can read entire racks of products with a simple wave
printer RFID Printers – new generation thermal printer with advanced support for barcodes and RFID encoding


software Loca.fi software developed by RAMP.
Easy to deploy and the foundation of an end-to-end RFID solution that seamlessly integrates with Tuchuzy’s Cin7 POS, inventory and order management system.

About Tuchuzy

Born in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Tuchuzy is one of Australia’s leading retailers of designer fashion brands. The flagship retail store has been operating for over 20 years, and online sales have been growing rapidly in the last five years. Tuchuzy stocks garments, jewellery and accessories from leading designers including Annie Bing, Bassike, Blanca and Rotate, as well as their own range, Chosen by Tuchuzy.


Since implementing the RAMP Loca.fi Retail RFID solution, Tuchuzy has seen the following benefits:

  • Reduction of around 20% of working capital tied up in stock
  • Reduced shrinkage of high-value fashion items
  • Increase in customer satisfaction from 90% to over 99%
  • Reduced out-of-stock situations
  • Vastly reduced time for stock takes, that are now completed in under and hour (so can be undertaken far more regularly)
  • All stock takes and stock movement integrates in real-time with inventory and POS system
  • Improved stock visibility and management across retail and online environments
  • Estimated payback of system investment of 6-months, representing 200% ROI over first 12 months

RAMP Loca.fi Retail RFID is designed specifically for retailers of all sizes. It works out-of-the-box for fast implementation, and easily integrates with a range of POS systems from leading vendors, including Cin7 in the case of Tuchuzy. Our Loca.fi Retail RFID solution is low cost to set-up and roll-out, with local support for our customers.

Kevin Cohen, DirectorDirector, RAMP

Out-of-the-box integration with Cin7 POS, inventory and order management system

Tuchuzy had previously implemented the Cin7 POS, inventory and order management system, (tracking stock with traditional barcodes) prior to the implementation of the RAMP Loca.fi Retail RFID solution. The new RFID solution worked out-of-the-box with the Cin7 system to provide an effective, holistic retail inventory management system that could be deployed quickly and provide immediate returns to the business.