Department of Finance finds the answer to ICT asset tracking in RAMP RFID

Keeping track of thousands of ICT assets used to be difficult and time consuming for the asset management team within the Federal Government Department of Finance. With approximately 10,000 desktop computers, docking stations, monitors, laptops and tablets that need to be regularly located and audited, they called on RAMP to implement an RFID solution.

With such a large fleet of tethered and mobile devices, the new RFID solution facilitated the rapid auditing of ICT equipment and a much more accurate result. Unlike previous systems and procedures, RFID ensured no false positives or errors in reporting.

A recent homogenisation project across the organisation saw the replacement of thousands of ICT assets, with new equipment seamlessly and cost-effectively added to the database.

Previously, audits were undertaken with a combination of manual processes (pen and paper) or hand-held barcode scanners connected to a laptop and spreadsheet. This was not only inaccurate but also very time-consuming.

The RFID solution is completely integrated with RFID tags and RFID readers feeding into the RAMP Loca.Fi asset management software. For an audit, scans are done during the day then in the evening a bot reconciles updated data from the Loca.Fi software into the corporate asset database to provide real-time organisation-wide information. The labour time savings are significant, with staff able to be deployed to higher value activities, along with a significant cost saving for audits and replacing lost assets.

We can now complete an ICT asset audit of an entire building in just one day, and be confident it is accurate. On top of that, the RAMP RFID system is easily scalable and we can add new assets for as little as 20 cents per asset.

Randall WrightDepartment of Finance


Another game-changing benefit of the RFID implementation is the ability to control the use and spread of sensitive documents, a very important feature for the Department of Finance. With the application of paper tags to highly confidential documents, and the wide-field capability of RFID, tagged documents can be controlled and located if necessary.

An unexpected outcome of the RFID solution has been incidental auditing of assets and documents. Planned audits can locate and identify assets and documents where they shouldn’t be, which would have gone unnoticed with previous, manual audit processes.

Protection and control of our valuable assets and sensitive documents is paramount, and not only does RFID ensure fast and accurate scheduled audits, but we benefit from incidental audits due to the nature of the technology. This is a great outcome for security.

Randall WrightDepartment of Finance

The RAMP RFID solution provides a reliable system to track and manage thousands of technology assets and sensitive documents. The solution is leveraged with integration into the Department of Finance corporate asset database and enhanced with the addition of the Department’s Blue Prism bot to conjoin the systems for maximum efficiency.