Taking warehousing asset management to the next level with RFID technology

RFID asset tracking drastically improves warehouse performance Warehouse operations aren’t very glamorous, but they do provide a huge opportunity for improved performance as a key part of the supply chain. Warehouses and distribution centres represent a critical link as products move through global supply chains into the hands of customers. The primary role of the … Continued

How RFID technology is revolutionising retail inventory management

In simpler times, retail inventory moved from factory or manufacturer, to warehouse or distributor, and then onto company-owned stores to be sold. In many cases, vertically integrated businesses controlled the entire ‘supply chain’, making stock and inventory control relatively straight-forward.  Even in those days, however, stock takes to get an accurate account of inventory on … Continued

The RFID Effect on Supply Chain Management

Will RFID technology help remove humans from the supply chain? Automation and robotics have long been heralded as spelling the end of human involvement in many industries. Or worse, creating some dystopian future where robot bosses make the work of humans more stressful and dangerous. But technology innovation marches on, and global supply chains continue … Continued

RFID or GPS for vehicle tracking?

Both RFID and GPS technology are widely used for asset tracking, and specifically vehicle tracking. While both technologies promise to help track vehicles, they do so in very different ways. Deciding to use either technology, or a combination of both, will be based on a variety of factors including application, usage and costs. We’ll take … Continued

Transforming Global Supply Chain Management with RFID Technology

How RFID technology solutions are transforming global supply chains Getting products from where they are made and into the hands of consumers is a complex undertaking. Global sourcing and supply, transportation and logistics, and sophisticated omni-channel retail operations have added cost and complexity in the face of increasing customer demands and competition. Technology has proven … Continued